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July 7th, 2006 15:27:00
7th of July not to be missed

Fantasiaís marathon really shifts in full gear with 9 films projected in
our two theaters. Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Canada) proudly present Dirty Ho. This film will be followed by Tokyo Zombie as a Canadian premiere, presented by Magra Multi Media.

Korea is honored tonight with two films. First, the much awaited
Princess Aurora, presented for the first time in North America, followed by A Bittersweet Life presented as a Montreal premiere by Ubisoft.

This evening's screenings continue with Canadian film Forest Of The Dead, preceded by the film Bzzzzzzz, an international premiere. Art of the Devil 2, presented as a North American premiere, will close this second day of festivities.

Eric S. Boisvert

Princess Aurora, North american Premiere

A bittersweet Life, presented by Ubisoft

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