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kinetic culture, everyday damage, worthwhile causes & assorted strangeness

     infliction films
3 A.M. Magazine
A Chronicle Of Freedom Of Expression In Canada
A Colon Therapist Talks About Human Worms!
A Concerned Christian Rages Against N'Sync & The Backstreet Boys!
A List Of Companies That Do Animal Testing
A Tribute To Ilan Raikles
An Interview With Crispin Glover
An Interview With Joe Sacco
Andrew Bernstein's Harma Bird's Nest
Annie Sprinkle
Arne Jahn
Art Of Prank Calls
Aspartame (that's Nutra Sweet) Can Kill You!
Association For Gravestone Studies
Association For The Study Of Dreams
Banned Books Online
Basil Gogos
Beneath Los Angeles
Bernie Wrightson
Bhopal.net; Up-To-Date Information About The Union Carbide Catastrophe
Bill Hicks
Bizarre Magazine
Black Dahlia
Body Modification E Zine
Britain's Supernatural Heritage
Broken Pencil; Alternative Culture In Canada
Burning Man
Bush Watch (George W., that is)
Bust; The Magazine For Women With Something To Get Off Their Chests
Casket Furniture
Catholic Apparitions Of Jesus And Mary
Celebrity Morgue
Charles Bukowski
Charles Gatewood
Cherry Bleeds - Life Affirming Stories By Suicidal Writers
Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages
Church Of The Subgenius
Clumping Kitty Litter Can Kill Your Cat!
Coalition For Gun Control (Canada)
Compulsion; Subversive Alternative Culture
Conspiracy Theories
Cool Japanese Toys
Cornish Rex Cats
Corpwatch; Holding Corporations Accountable
Coyote Satan Amerika - Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba
Crime Library
Crime Scene And Evidence Photography
Criminal Hazing
Cynthia Plaster Caster
David J. Schow
Dead Angel Zine
Death Row Speaks - Inmate Art & Writing + Death Row Info From Around The World
Death, Photography And God
Diane Arbus
Disaster News Network
Disturbing Auctions
Drug War Facts
E.C. Comics
Ebola Zaire Fan Club
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Embalming Techniques
Eric Kroll
Esoterra Magazine; The Journal Of Extreme Culture
Evan Dorkin's House Of Fun
Everything About Spider Bites
Exorcisms In The Catholic Church
Eye See Red; The Art Of Andonis Dragassias
Fairness And Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)
Feminists For Free Expression
Final Plans Online Funeral & Burial Supplies
Find A Grave
Fortean Times; The Journal Of Strange Phenomena
Frank Kozik
Free The West Memphis 3 - Current Info On The PARADISE LOST Teens
Giant Robot Magazine
Groupie Central
Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
Hate! And Other Neat Stuff In The Works Of Peter Bagge
Hearses Of The Internet
Henry Rollins
Here Come The Wild Dogs Zine
Hermann Nitsch
Hip Pocket Sleaze - The Lurid World Of Vintage Adult Paperbacks
Horror Writers Association
Hubert Selby Jr
Human Rights Citizen's Watch And Global Abuses Of Power
Hunter S. Thompson
Internet Crime Archives
Is Cannibalism A Religious Experience?
Is Dick Cheney Dead Yet?
Isabelle Stephen
Italian Pulp Art
Jack Ketchum
Jack Sargeant
Japanese Hearse Museum
Jeff Gaither; Art For The Criminally Insane
Jello Biafra
Joe Coleman
Joe R. Landsdale
Just Read This. Really. Trust Us. Read.
Juxtapoz Magazine
Kathy Acker
Ken Hechtman's Dispatches From Afghanistan
Kidnapper Films
Kim Newman
Lindsey Kuhn
Long-Term Heroin Addicts Have Only A 50% Survival Rate
Lots Of Bad Teeth
Lydia Lunch
Lynching In America; A Carnival Of Death
Maggie Estep
Max Fisch Domina Guide & Forum
Medicines Sans Frontieres
Mistress Renee
Modern Moist Towelette Collecting
Monster Mags; A Tribute To The Art Of The Horror Magazine Cover
Morbid Curiosity
Mullets Galore
Museum Of Death
Museum Of Human Disease
Nancy Kilpatrick
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Near Death Experiences And The Afterlife
New York Waste Online
Newcity Chicago
News From Babylon
Nori; The Original Nasal Passage Cleaner!
PETA: People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals
Poisons And Prohibitions: The Persistence Of Folly
Police Brutality And Accountability In The United States
Portal Of Evil
Pug; Zine Of The Underground Web
Pulp Magazine
Quotes From George W. Bush (Some truly priceless stuff here)
Religious Anti-Embalming Group Investigated In Killings
Rik Rawling
Rob Hardin
Robert Bloch
Robert Crumb
Ron English
Roy Stuart
Salon's Interview With Daniel Clowes
Samsara Quarterly Online Gallery
Serial Killer David Berkowitz (Son Of Sam) Complains About Spike Lee's SUMMER OF SAM!
Shade Rupe
Shaun Hutson
Side Show History
Side Show History
Smack Dab Media
Snuff Films; Urban Myth Or Grim Reality?
Some Important Facts About Mummification
Something Awful
Sophie Cossette
Sounds From The Underground (poetry readings, sound collages etc.)
South Jersey Ghost Research Group
Southern Poverty Law Center
Stereoscopy; The World Of 3D Imaging
Stop Prisoner Rape
Subterranea Britannica; The Study & Investigation Of Man-Made Underground Places
Survival Research Labs
The ACTivist - Peace, Ecology & Human Rights
The Amityville Murders
The Asylum Eclectica
The Blacklisting Of Hollywood's Talent
The Blood Sisters Project
The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
The Comics Journal
The Dead Musician Directory
The FDA's Victims
The Gline; We're Obscure And Everyone Hates Us
The Incredible World Of Navel Fluff
The Insanity Test
The Internet Archive; Surf The Web As It Was
The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow
The Know War Project
The Marchesa Luisa Casati Page
The Miracles Page
The Nation
The Onion
The Salem Witchcraft Trials
The Salvador Dali Gallery
The Shadowlands; True Stories Of Ghosts And Hauntings
The Smoking Gun
The Straight Goods
The Unrepentant Necrofile - An Interview With Karen Greenlee
The Visible Human Project
The William S. Burroughs Files
Timothy Leary
Tokyo Classified
Tom Flocco; For Honest Government In Our Lifetime
Torture Garden
Trepanation Trust
Uncle Goddamn
Underground Comix
Underground Paris (virtual Catacombs tour)
Urban Legends And Folklore
Vice Magazine
Victoria St. Cyr
Village Voice
Waste Dumping; The Corporate Crime Of The Century
Watchman Fellowship's Index Of Cults & Religions
Westgate Necromantic
When A Junkie Dies
World War II Propaganda Poster Art
Your Odds Of Dying
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