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Agan (China)
Writer / Director, Tape Number 31

Joseph Bakshiev (Russia)
Producer, Junk

Michael J. Bassett (UK)
Writer/Director, Wilderness

Sean Brannney (USA)
Producer, Call Of Cthulu

Sylvie Bringas (UK)
Producer, Worlds of Wounded Clay

Erin Brown (USA)
Actress, The Lost

Erik Canuel (Quebec)
Director, Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Philip Chidel (USA)
Writer/Director/Actor, Subject Two

Caleb Emerson (USA)
Writer / Director, Die You Zombie Bastards!

Norman England (USA-Japan)
Writer / Director, The Idol

Sergei Frolov (Russia)
Producer, Aziris Nuna

Scott Glosserman (USA)
Director, Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon

Stuart Gordon (USA)
Director, Edmond

He Zhi Kai (China)
Producer, Tape Number 31

Toro Matsuura (Japan)
Director, Synesthesia

Lucky McKee (USA)
Director, The Woods

Mike Mendez (USA)
Director, The Gravedancers

Geoff Mosher (USA)
Actor, Die You Zombie Bastards!

Robert Morgan (UK)
Writer/Director/Animator, Worlds Of Wounded Clay

Denis Neimand (Russia)
Director, Junk

Eric Nicholas (USA)
Writer / Director, Alone With Her

Nicolas Winding Refn (Denmark)
Writer / Director, Pusher 3

Simon Rumley (UK)
Writer / Director, The Living And The Dead

Gary Sherman (USA)
Director, 39: A Film By Carroll McKane

Chris Sivertson (USA)
Writer / Director, The Lost

Carter Smith (USA)
Director, BugCrush

Sion Sono (Japan)
Writer / Director, Strange Circus

Philippe Spurrell (Quebec)
Director, The Descendant

Sam Umland (USA)
Co-author of "Donald Cammell: A life On The Wild Side" White Of The Eye

Rebecca Umland (USA)
Co-author of "Donald Cammell: A life On The Wild Side" White Of The Eye

Alla Verlotsky (USA)
Russian Film Historian & Preservationist, Viy

Graeme Whifler (USA)
Writer / Director, Neighborhood Watch

Jim Woodring (USA)
Writer / Cartoonist, Visions Of Jim Woodring

Takeshi Yagi (Japan)
Director, Arthouse Ultraman

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