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Small Gauge Trauma

Pioneer Theater

On Saturday July 8 at 11PM, New York's Pioneer Cinema will be holding a special pre-release screening of the Fantasia Short Film collection dvd Small Gauge Trauma. If you live in New York and can't make it to Montreal for this year's fest, here's a way to get a dose of Fantasia ferocity into your brain's veins. More information can be found here

Small Gauge Trauma

About Small Gauge Trauma

To mark our 10th edition, Fantasia has collaborated with the esteemed US video label Synapse Films to create a special collection of some of the strongest short films we have screened over the festival's history. Co-produced by Fantasia's Mitch Davis and Synapse Films, Don May JR, Small Gauge Trauma features 13 award-winning shorts from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Japan, Portugal, Spain, and Quebec, including one from Robert Morgan, whose visionary work is being showcased at this year's event. The dvd will be launched at Fantasia on July 14, at the 9th annual edition of our Small Gauge Trauma short film block, and streets across North America on July 25th, one day after the close of Fantasia 2006.

Abuelitos (aka Grandfathers)

Directed by Paco Plaza

Chambre Jaune (aka Yellow Room)

Directed by Helene Cattet & Bruno Forzani


Directed by Benoit Boucher


Directed by Salvador Sanz

I'll See You in My Dreams

Directed by Angel Miguel Vivas

Infini (aka Infinity)

Directed by Guillaume Fortin


Directed by Tomoya Sato

Love From Mother Only

Directed by Dennison Ramalho

Miss Greeny

Directed by Tenkwaku Naniwa

Ruta Destroy!

Directed by Diego Abad

Separation, The

Directed by Robert Morgan
Great Britain

Sister Lulu

Directed by Philip John
Great Britain

Tea Break

Directed by Sam Walker
Great Britain
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