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2003 | 2 min | video

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July 21st, 2006
5:15 pm
Hall Theatre

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How worlds are created and discarded by our creator.

Bruno Bozzetto (born in Milan, Italy on March 3, 1938) is an Italian cartoon animator, creator of many short and long features, mainly of a political or satirical nature. His most famous character was a hapless little man named 'Signor Rossi.' Mr. Rossi has been featured in many animated shorts as well as starring in three feature films. In 1968, Bozzetto released Vip my Brother Superman. However, his best-known masterpiece is probably 1976’s Allegro Non Troppo, a collage of short pieces set to classical music in the manner of Disney's Fantasia.

In recent years Bozzetto has turned his hand to Flash cartoons with a simple but witty style. A humour still as biting as ever!


Director: Bruno Bozzetto
Screenplay: Bruno Bozzetto
Producers: Bruno Bozzetto

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