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Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and Honey
Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and Honey

2006 | 6 min | video

Screening Times

July 22nd, 2006
9:15 pm
J.A. De Seve

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AL and AL's Grandfather is a retired engineer and inventor who has been on a life time quest to create perpetual motion and supply free power for the people. During a telephone call with the Lamb of God, Britney Spears sabotages the project and sets in motion her own drive for infinity. The conflict produces a series of alchemical events which have only one consequence, a land flowing with milk and honey. A real modern psychedelic experience.

—Marc Lamothe (translated by Marc Lamothe)


Director: Al Holmes & Al Taylor
Screenplay: Al Holmes & Al Taylor
Cast: James Brown, Al Holmes, Al Taylor
Producers: Maggie Ellis, Al Holmes, Al Taylor
Distributor: LUX

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