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Tape Number 31
Tape Number 31

star Hosted by writer/director Agan and producer He Zhi Kai

2005 | 89 min | 35mm
Mandarin language, English subtitles

Screening Times

July 9th, 2006
7:20 pm
J.A. De Seve
July 10th, 2006
10:00 pm
J.A. De Seve

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Built around a now familiar conceit – a fictional film "reconstructed" after the fact from tapes "found" by a rural herb-picker – China’s Tape Number 31 is the latest entry in the ever expanding reality-shocker genre. Through a series of taped interviews we meet the central players, a crew of eight documentary filmmakers assembled to travel into the remote mountain regions of China to shoot a Discovery Channel documentary on a reported tribe of sasquatch-like "wild-men" living in isolation there. With the story told entirely through first-person footage, we follow the crew as they travel away from civilization and must grapple against the elements, the land itself, the other group members, and – finally – the fabled wild men themselves, who prove very real and far from welcoming. Before too long, the group finds themselves cut off from any help, stranded in a hostile environment as their numbers are gradually whittled down…

Tape Number 31 is a very rare beast, a horror film out of mainland China. Built around the "found tape" premise as it is, comparisons to The Blair Witch Project are inevitable, but this is a fairly different animal. The supernatural element is entirely absent, with the film aiming more for Grizzly Man-gone-bad than any sort of ghost shocker. Helping things greatly is the choice to build things around a fictional documentary crew, a decision that allows for a level of photography worlds above what you find in other films of the type. The action takes place in the remote the mountainous regions of China, providing one of the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes in the world, shot well enough that it easily could be the Discovery Channel doc that it claims to be.

—Todd Brown


Hosted by writer/director Agan and producer He Zhi Kai




Director: Agan
Screenplay: Agan
Cast: Jo Yang
Producers: Agan, He Zhi Kai
Distributor: Shenzhen Golden Beach Films

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