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Visions Of Jim Woodring, The
Visions Of Jim Woodring, The

International Premiere

2005 | 90 min | video
English language

Screening Times

July 15th, 2006
7:35 pm
J.A. De Seve

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Hilarious, mysterious, melancholic, mystical and mesmerizing, virtually throbbing with fecundity and profundity, wit and wonder – these are but a few words with which to describe the utterly astounding, gobsmackingly psychedelic artwork of American comic-book artist and illustrator Jim Woodring, who Fantasia is proud to present live and in person at the festival this year! Filtering the chaos of his hallucinogenic visions, which teeter on the edge of some other dimension, through the rigidly disciplined technique he refined during his years in an animation studio, Woodring brings his readers not merely a glimpse but in fact a intensely vivid view of the vast, sprawling panorama that is the florid, fantastical world in his head. Responsible first for the unpredictable personal anthology title "Jim," and then a variety of books following the adventures of his most familiar creation, the lovably goofy cat-bear-man-thing Frank, and his associates Manhog, Pushpaw, Pupshaw and all the others, Woodring has enthralled lovers of unique and masterfully executed graphic art for many years, and at last graces Montreal with his illustrious presence!

Following a special screening of Visions Of Frank, a Japanese collection of animated adaptations of Woodring’s comic strips, Woodring himself will share a not only a few thoughts about his work and life, but also a very, very special treat. "Lazy Robinson" is a 20-minute audiovisual presentation of, in Woodring’s words, "a series of charcoal drawings of unnatural objects floating in a black that cross-dissolve into each other, the midpoints being the real points of the exercise." Originally created for live-music accompaniment care of noted guitarist Bill Frisell (with whom Woodring has collaborated on book-and-CD projects), and presented only once before, at the MindStates conference in California, "Lazy Robinson" is synchronized for Woodring’s live narration. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to encounter Woodring and his work in close quarters – having your mind bent into strange new shapes has rarely been so much fun!

—Rupert Bottenberg




Director: jim Woodring

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Visions Of Frank   

Visions Of Frank

Japan/ Usa
2005 | 49 min

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