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Lost, The
Lost, The

Canadian Premiere
star Hosted by Director Chris Sivertson & Actress Erin Brown

2005 | 115 min | 35mm
English language

Screening Times

July 10th, 2006
10:00 pm
Hall Theatre

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"Whatís the worst thing youíve ever done?" When a young girl flirtatiously poses this question to dope-dealing hate machine Ray Pye, it is one she could never possibly want answered with any degree of truth. Four years earlier, on a random whim of pure cruelty, Pye slaughtered a pair of strangers in the woods. He did this in front of his friends who, frightened for their own safety, never said a word about the incident to anyone. Today, the campground killings remain classified as an unsolved crime, yet several police officers have more than an inkling as to where they should be looking. Lack of evidence is all that has kept Ray Pye on the streets. As he grows increasingly distanced from the people in his life, the ticking time bomb in his soul gets closer and closer to meltdown. It becomes evident that itís no longer a question of "if," itís a simple, terrifying matter of "when."

Based on the novel by Jack Ketchum (an except from which was published in The Outlaw Bible of American Literature, surrounded by passages from Henry Miller, William Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson etc.), The Lost is a stylishly directed and emotionally wrenching descent into the blackest pit of teen disaffection. Itís a vicious, auspicious emergence for director Chris Sivertson, who previously edited the cult indie film May for frequent collaborator Lucky McKee, who in turn came on board to produce this one. Sivertson chose to set the narrative in an indeterminable era, one that combines elements of í50s America with modern-day styles, peppered with traces from all periods in between, giving The Lost a chilling timeless quality perfectly suited to deal with horrific truths that transcend generations. This approach also creates a subtle sense of dislocation that runs throughout the film. Sivertson has long been a fan of Ketchumís writing (notable for often veering into deeply transgressive psychological horror), and was determined to ensure that his adaptation would not dilute the storyís inherent brutality. As in the source novel, The Lost spends much of its running time building up dread for terrible things to come, only to surpass the limits of your worst expectations when hell eventually tears loose in the faces of its characters. Approach this one as you would a wounded, rabid animal.

—Mitch Davis

"A slice of CNN pie that corkscrews down into hell. A must see" - Tobe Hooper, director, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE


Hosted by Director Chris Sivertson & Actress Erin Brown




Director: Chris Sivertson
Screenplay: Chris Sivertson (from Jack Ketchum)
Cast: Marc Senter, Shay Astar, Alex Frost, Megan Henning, Ed Lauter
Producers: Lucky McKee, Mike McKee, Shelli Merrill, Chris Sivertson
Distributor: Silver Web Productions

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