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Ecstasy Note, The
Ecstasy Note, The

World Premiere

2006 | 29 min | video
English language

Screening Times

July 23rd, 2006
2:45 pm
J.A. De Seve

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A surreal dark comedy that chronicles a frantic month in the life of a middle-aged nobody named Henford, who discovers within himself a mysterious ability after a fight with his wife. As public demand for his ''ecstasy note'' grows out of control, Henford is drawn into the center of a maelstrom of addiction and chaos that threaten to tear apart his town and indeed his very life.

—Eric Lavoie


Director: Geoffrey Uloth
Screenplay: Geoffrey Uloth
Cast: Mark Camacho, Sarah Gravel, Claire Brosseau, Don Jordon, Noel Burton
Producers: Agata De Santis, Geoffrey Uloth

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