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Tickets for the entire festival will go on sale on July 14th at 2pm.

The tickets for the 2003 Fantasia festival are available at the Concordia Hall Theater (Guy Metro) and throughout the Admission ticket network. The price is 7$ per ticket.

 Hours for the ticket office (fantasia)
 14th july til 20th july
Monday July 14th 2:00pm til 8:00pm
Tuesday July 15th 1:00pm til 8:00pm
Wednesday July 16th 1:00pm til 8:00pm
Thursday July 17th 1:00pm til 10:00pm
Friday July 18th 1:00pm til 8:00pm
Saturday July 19th 12:00pm til 12:00pm
Sunday July 20th 12:00pm til 10:00pm
 Hours for the ticket office (fantasia)
 after July 20th
Monday 4:00pm til 10:00pm
Tuesday 4:00pm til 10:00pm
Wednesday 4:00pm til 10:00pm
Thursday 4:00pm til 10:00pm
Friday 4:00pm til 12:00am
Saturday 11:00am til 12:00pm
Sunday 11:00am til 10:00pm

The admission network enables you to purchase your tickets in several convenient ways.

  1. At all admission ticket outlets
  2. Order your tickets by phone
    1 (514) 528-2828 (Montréal) or 1 (800) 361-4595
  3. Purchase e-tickets over the internet

Special rebate available at Concordia's ticket outlet only, buy 10 tickets and pay only $5.50 per ticket.

For more information about the Admission ticketing system visit their web site at www.admission.com

View Trailer

Don't know what to expect from all the unknown titles in this year's FanTasia lineup? Check out the new web trailer that was made exclusively for our webpage. It will give you a brief preview and a good idea of what you will see at Fantasia 2003!

Fantasia 2003 Trailer One
Low Bandwidth Quicktime (2 meg)

Fantasia 2003 Trailer Two
Low Bandwidth Quicktime (2 meg)
High Bandwidth Quicktime (2.7 meg)
   music by:
Benoît Lafrance (www.studiob12.com)

trailer by:
francist (www.thisisnotdesign.com | www.sushicorp.com)

visit site

A note about this year's absence of full-program passes

We have received many emails that were understandably alarmed by the fact that we are no longer selling all-inclusive screening passes. Over our 7-year history, the one continuous complaint that we received was related to complications buying tickets. In past years without the Admission system, the only sane way we were able to manage sales was to only sell tickets from 48 hours in advance of playdates. This had the unfortunate side effect of making people lineup for hours again and again with tickets often selling out while many were still waiting in the sun. More than anything else, people have been asking us to find a way where it would be possible to purchase tickets for any screening at any time, so that all tickets could be purchased in one giant move without the need to keep lining up.

With the new system, festival goers from any part of the city, country and world will have a fair shot at getting their tickets without having to trek downtown 48 hours before each of the screenings they wish to attend. If you're coming in from out of town, you can reserve your tickets before you're anywhere near Montreal. If you want to know that you have tickets to every screening you're looking forward to before the fest has even begun, it is now possible.

The one downside to this is that we are unable to effectively use a pass system within the Admission system. In an effort to balance things out, we have made a point of selling 10-ticket booklets at an even lower price than usual. With a per-screening cost of $5.50, this comes to a more affordable ticket than you will find at any Montreal Film festival. We hope that the new purchasing benefits will give you a better fest experience. Please let us know how you feel about our ticketing arrangements. We value your thoughts and read every email.

Where you can get your Fantasia Festival 2003 program

Boîte Noire
4450, rue St-Denis, Montréal
380, rue Laurier Ouest, Montréal

Club vidéo: Jeuxtrème
1575, rue Fleury Est, Montréal

Concordia Hall Theatre tickets counter
1455, Boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal

Déjà-Vues Vidéoclub
2450, rue Bellechasse Est, Montréal

DVD Passion
705, Sainte-Catherine Ouest, unit 1-116 (Eaton Centre- niveau Métro), Montréal

Marché Clandestin
325 Ontario Est, Montréal

Métro Video
705 Ste-Catherine West Local 1-111(Cour Mont-Royal), Montréal
3035, boul. Le Carrefour, local L-3 (Carrefour Laval), Laval

5147 Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal

Septième Le: Vidéo répertoire
2005, rue de Chambly, Montréal

3629 Wellington, Verdun

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